At Medical Trust Healthcare Nedumkandam, patients and their families can expect thoughtful care, comfort and dedication. Medical Trust Healthcare Nedumkandomis part of the Medical

Trust Healthcare family founded in 2001, which today has a presence in various geographies across multiple healthcare verticals - from hospitals, specialist clinics, primary care facilities, laboratories to imaging centres.

Tapping into Nedumkandam’s status as a leading medical hub, we aim to enhance patient care throughout the region with innovative research and partnership models, to give patients access to comprehensive, integrated specialty care.

General Medicine Department

An accurate diagnosis is the first and most important step in trying to cure a disease. Over the years we have seen countless patients come through our door hopeless and disillusioned at their lives because someone gave the wrong diagnosis the first time. Most of these patients have spent years trying to find the cure and are often relieved to tears when they see they finally hear the correct diagnosis of their condition.

At Medical Trust Hospital, we take a systematic approach to the diagnosis, conducting through investigations on the patient's medical history and physical examinations. Our department is headed by the esteemed Dr L.G.T Gowda (MBBS, MD) who has decades of experience treating hundreds of complicated cases with utmost care and compassion. Our hospital is a secondary referral centre with round the clock on call physician services.

Services Offered

• A well equipped 5 bedded intensive care unit (ICU) with ventilators, monitors &defibrillator facilities
• Treatment for high and low blood pressure, diabetes, rheumatic problems
• Diagnosis and treatment for severe Respiratory and Cardiac disorders,other related infections, poisoning,toxicology, metabolic and lifestyle disease
• Neatly planned investigations with emphasis on personal medical history, physical examination & accurate Diagnosis
• Fully fledged laboratory, X ray, ECG ,Echo cardiography, spirometry check ups
• Accurate &minimal numbers of required drugs, always putting the patient's safety in mind
• Physiotherapy unit with experienced physiotherapists to take care of chronic stroke & neuro-muscular disorders
• We are the leading centre in handing & treating all kind of poisoning patients
•   Dr. Sabin George