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Medical Trust Hospital offers patients a range of facilities within the Hospital premises to assist them in all their needs.


The Hospital has a well stocked pharmacy offering round the clock service. The Pharmacy provides most imported and rare drugs, vaccines, surgicals, prosthesis and implants. The Hospital has an exclusive pharmacy for inpatients.

Diet Service

Medical Trust Hospital offers exclusive therapeutic diet services for cardiac, hypertensive, diabetic and renal patients. The trained dietician also provides diet counselling to patients. The hospital has clean and spacious dining rooms and provides room service to inpatients.

Treadmill test

Treadmill test is often conducted to observe how your heart responds to an increased workload during heavy exercise. It is done by recording the electrocardiograph (ECG) of your heart as you walk on the treadmill machine. The speed of the treadmill is gradually increased from a mild warm up speed till a particular heart rate is reached. The treadmill test is often useful in diagnosing ischaemic heart disease.

•  Patient Preparation

Patients are advised to avoid eating or drinking for a couple of hours before the test. You should alert the technicians beforehand if you already have a heart condition which requires you to take medication. Contact your doctor to see whether you need to temporarily stop taking medication for a day or two before the test.


Echocardiography is a diagnostic imaging technique that uses sound waves to create moving pictures of your heart. The pictures provides and understanding of the size and shape of your heart as well as how its and valves are functioning in real time. It can highlight the areasof your heart muscle which are not contracting as a result of low blood flow or other factors. It can detect whether your heart has been enlarged or if your heart muscles are getting weak or congenial heart defects. Echocardiography is also used to detect blood clots or tumors in your heart in case of strokes.

• Patient Preparation

  Advance preparation is not usually required for most Echocardiography procedures. Howsoever, you may be required not to eat for a few hours before the test if you're having a transesophageal or stress echocardiogram.


What is laparoscopic surgery? 

Laparoscopic or "minimally invasive" surgery is a highly specialized technique for performing surgery. It is commonly used for intestinal surgery and gynaecologic surgery. Lacroscopic surgery uses several tiny incisions through which tubes containing specialized instruments and a special camera called Lacroscope are used. The camera transmits high resolution images to the operating room which allows the surgeon to perform the same procedures as a traditional surgery. Lacroscopic surgery is often preferred to traditional open surgery because it offers a shorter recovery period, less scarring and lesser pain for the patients.


A medical ventilator is an instrument designed to assist a patients who have breathing difficulties by mechanically move breathable air into and out of lungs. Ventilators are often used for short periods during the operation when the person is under the effects of general anesthesia to help the patient breathe normally. It is also used in cases where the patient has lost the ability to breathe normally, ventilators in this case can function as life support until we find alternate treatment methods.